We pair creativity with creating sustainable and effective brands that ar different. Your business is unique, so your brand and website should be too. Working with clients in locations around the world, we build long term relationships with our clients. Our passion is learning about clients’ businesses and developing long lasting solutions paired with creative and unique designs. We apply a mindful, creative and organic approach to all of our work.

It’s important to us to offer clients a refreshing approach to what usual brand and digital agencies offer. Our founders and design team apply their experience and passion across visual identity, print and digital design.

For Guava Cay, quality trumps quantity, which means that we have an individual approach to each one of our clients. Before we start doing anything, we like to scrutinize each business to get a full picture of it. The aim is to deeply understand core values of your brand so we could communicate with your audience in a way you would communicate with them. Thus, we will create a loving community of people who always turn to you instead of your competitors.

Guava Cay Media

As time goes by, the process of getting acquainted with your brand will reach new levels, allowing us to manage your social media even better, achieving even greater connection with your potential customers.

Our Process

Researching & Plan it Out

First things first, we need to sit down and talk, hear you out. Your ideas, your goals, and your desires. This one is a stepping stone. This way, we will sketch out what you want from social media marketing and tell you immediately if what you pictured is possible. What we won't do is promise you unrealistic results. These results can either come from the too short period in which you want to achieve them in or from too big of an appetite. And due to our (pardon our French) no-bullshit policy, we will tell you if what you want is a little too much on our plate. On the other hand, if your wants are wishes modest, we'll be sure to tell you that, as well. Because let's face it, we like a challenge.

Since your audience can be reached on various platforms, we'll be sure to explore different social media channels, reach your targeted audience and finally, make a great thing with your brand.

Application & Analyzing

After we’ve discussed everything with you and you give us a green light, the job starts. With great care, precision and planned strategy, we’ll implement our social media plan to achieve your KPIs. Also, we'll constantly be monitoring results, analyzing data and adapting our strategy depending on what we've noticed that works best for you. We believe it’s important that you are aware of the progress we make – that’s why you’ll receive frequent reports and overviews to keep track of every step of the way in social media marketing strategy for your brand, product or service.


Since work functions best if it’s a two-way street, we’d also want to receive feedback from you to know if you noticed any differences thanks to our social media efforts. Speaking from experience, social media strategy works best if everyone involved understand that good communication is the key to success and are interested in making a difference.

Guava Cay Media