We are Guava Cay Media, a boutique story telling agency. We help you attract your perfect audience, engage with them and get results that matter.

In other words, we bring stories to life with photographs and videos.

We’ve helped countless brands unleash the power of content marketing in their business. From taking beautiful garments to the next level by paring them with outstanding locations and models, to increasing tourism with awe-inspiring visuals, to making the corporate world a little less corporate.



Our Team



With over 15 years of combined experience, we’ve got you covered.

We are Digital Story tellers and “Inspiration Activists” who can turn your goals into actual outcomes that will have a positive, expanding and ongoing ripple effect in your business.

Our team of professionals work with you step by step to offer a full-service digital media experience. Even once a project is completed, we support you with marketing and revenue generating strategies to maximize your audience impact.

We work with you to achieve your objectives - giving you results that matter.

Our specialties include photography, video production, audio production, digital strategy, writing, social media marketing and brand development. We strive to make each project unique and individual - part of our professional trademark is creating content that stands well apart from the ‘clutter’ and performs above and beyond the ‘average’ every single time.

We make content to move your audience and create impact that knows no limits.

IVictor Quintana

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