Alexa Ferrer gets Personal

Hey Alexa, it was a pleasure working with you the other day. And thanks for participating in the blog. So lets start off with an easy one. Where are you from?

I am a Cuban American, born and raised in Miami with a little bit of Syrian descent.

Well thats pretty cool, can't say I've met someone with that combination before. So then tell me what a typical day in the life of Alexa like?

Well, there is no such thing as a typical day for me. I'm always all over the place. i spend close to 8 months out of the year in Gainesville studying at the University of Florida and the rest of the time running around Miami like a lunatic. Currently, a typical day for me is waking up around 8:30am to go to the non profit I volunteer at, then depending on the rest of the day going to castings, making sure I get a workout in (currently obsessed with pilates), and looking forward to each meal to get me through the day.



Sounds like you're on your feet all day, but in a good way! How did you end up being scouted as a model anyway?

Last summer I was interning at an insurance agency and quickly realized I'd rather be doing almost anything else rather than sitting in the cubicle so I submitted some photos to a few agencies form my phone and a couple hours later I was contacted by one of them and signed a few weeks later!

Thats awesome how just one decision can change your life completely. Since you've been modeling has there been a project or campaign you would say is your favorite?

So far my favorite project has been a shoot I ddi with Nat Rosenfeld and photographer Fro Rojas. I got to wear the Gigi Hadid x Tommy Hilfiger red track suit in an indoor skate park and pose in a Poke Bar with free salmon poke, my absolute favorite! It was such a fun day I felt like Penny Lane from Almost famous.



I love his work, also such a great movie. So tell us, what sort of things do you like to do on your off days?

I love to spend time with my family, friends, pets, and my boyfriend. Whether it's checking out a new restaurant, going to the old favorites, or just hanging out at home as long as I'm surrounded by the people I love it's a good off day. Of course sometimes I just want to be a sloth and hide in bed and watch crappy tv all day, but that's everyone once in a while. 

LOL, those Netflix and chill days are always necessary once in a while. Being a model I'm sure you work out a ton, any tips for the readers out there?

Abs are made in the kitchen!!! Working out can only get you so far, it's drinking water and eating clean that makes all the difference. As for actual workouts, I'm currently switching between Pilates, Yoga, and Spinning. 

I hear ya, I really do, and you're an inspiration for sticking to it, but every weekend I just end up craving pizza!! Speaking of inspiration, who would you say inspires you?

My best friend Lauren inspires me. She has been working since she was 15 when she went to X Factor and has been part of Fifth Harmony every since. She traded in her high school/ college years to work non stop for herself and her family. She uses her platform to shed light on tough issues such as human rights, politics, and LGBT issues. We're both extremely passionate about all the same things and I would like to use my platform as I work on it and build my brand for similar causes.


What are some items on your Bucket list?

  • Land a campaign that gets shown in Time Square
  • Travel the USA and visit towns I don't even know exist
  • Buy my mom a beautiful condo wherever she wants
  • Be a voice for Cuban-Americans and witness Cuba gain the freedom so many have fought for

Those all sound great! Ok well its been great hanging with you Alexa, but let me just ask you one more question, whats your favorite quote?

"Diversity is inviting people to the party. Inclusion is asking them to dance. Diversity and inclusion is teaching someone your dance, while learning their dance." 

Styling for this Shoot.

For this specific shoot with Alexa Ferrer we got to use a couple of different swimsuits from a couple different brands. The banana leaf suit is from Greenlee Swim, I love their suits because they are made from recycled materials. Climate change is real people and we all have to do our part. The pink and blue suits are from one of my favorite swimwear designers, Jypsea Local Swim. They are based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. If you are ever in the area make sure to look them up. The owner Stefani is one of the nicest people you'll meet, also they have a bunch of fun and cute accessories in the store 


Victor Quintana

I haven't crossed the Grand Canyon, nor have I climbed Mount Everest. I can't say that I have even ever been to the North Pole. Although I have traveled to many distant destinations, and have produced images for myself and for the public view. Telling a story, creating something out of nothing, and producing documentary films -no matter the format- make my heart and mind connect; sharing all my experience online for the world to see is what really drives my passion. Im fond of dogs, and how they always seem to have a smile on their face. I find humor in unthought of places. I haven't won any awards, but I am persistent. I was hip before it was cool to be hip. I believe that community and networking is key to achieve great collaborations with unique and individual people. Lets get to know one another, in fact how about we go climb Mount Everest.