The importance of adding video content to your branded marketing strategy.

Video content that communicates or compliments the valuable information you want to share with your audience is a pillar of any successful marketing strategy. Whether you're a hotel, clothing brand, amazon retailer, travel company, or even a professional skydiver, you're going to need a constant stream of professional visuals to promote your business successfully using today's online mediums. It’s a simple concept but one that often doesn't receive enough priority and is consequentially done poorly with damaging results.

The perfect media solution for established brands or businesses that want to contract out their video content creation for a fraction of agency costs. I collaborate closely with community managers and marketing directors to provide a media rich package of video content every single month. This packages focuses on making a client’s video presence sky rocket and really grab your viewers attention.

A three month minimum commitment is required.


What does the video media pack include?

Monthly Skype consultation to establish your visual content marketing goals and direction

Collaboration on monthly scripts for your videos

1 professionally shot and edited full length feature video

3 professionally shot and edited 30 second videos to live on social media

5 professionally shot and edited 10 second videos to use for highlighted stories.